Hotel Information for

the Child stars cruise

Come stay with us in Los Angeles for the night of Wednesday, December 4, 2019.

call Michelle at 845-341-6776 to reserve a hotel room

We have the following V.I.P. group rate for December 4, 2019 for a room with one King Size bed or a room with two Double beds: $269 per night.

This price represents a discount off the lowest available rates, and includes all taxes and hotel fees and a shuttle from LAX airport to the hotel and ground transportation from the hotel to the ship on Thursday, December 5, 2019. You must book through VIP Cruises, Tours and Events by calling us at 845-341-6776 to share the transportation to the ship, and to participate in the Child Stars Cruise activities taking place at the hotel the evening of December 4, 2019.

We also have a special V.I.P. rate of $225 for the night of December 3rd if you want to have more time to visit Los Angeles prior to the cruise.


We've been organizing cruises for 20+ years and we can highly recommend booking a pre-cruise hotel for several reasons:

1.) If you try to fly in on the same day as the cruise, your flight could be delayed due to weather or mechanical reasons. Despite what you may have seen in an episode of "I Love Lucy" you cannot be helicoptered onto the ship after it has departed. Don't miss the boat! 
2.) If your luggage is temporarily lost or delayed, flying in the day before gives the airlines time to deliver it to you before you board the ship.
3.) It gives you another full day of "fun in the sun" - lounging by the pool and meeting fellow members of our group.
4.) In the spirit of "Lead by Example" our guests as well as me and my team will all be arriving in Los Angeles at least one day prior to the cruise.


Call 845-341-6776 to reserve your hotel room today!